Price Check Widget

Show live prices from three OTAs on your website
A smart widget

The Price Check Widget shows real time OTA prices and how they compare to your best available rate.

Guests love it.

It reassures them about pricing and saves valuable time in the booking process and tightens your trust relationship.

And for hoteliers? Full coverage of all the data gathered by our clever widget in the Data Platform.

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direct is best

With our sleek new design, you can show off three benefits of booking direct next to the direct price, reminding guests of the added luxuries only you can offer.

Defeating disparity

With automated discounting, you’ll be showing lowered prices in real-time when you’re being undercut.

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I will be completely honest with you. There have been cheaper offers from some other companies, but the quality of your service and the fact that you jump on any problem we mention (plus your dashboard!) have prevailed in the end. Also you have the best looking widget
Josip KnezevicFalkensteiner
How it works

The widget appears after a guest searches for room availability. It gathers and shows prices from three OTAs in real-time.

It doesn’t click out. When a guest interacts with the widget they are shown a short message explaining how it works.

Implementation is easy
  • One line of javascript code is all you need
  • It’s fully customisable to suit your site
  • We’ll get you live in 24 hours
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We have been working with Triptease for some time now and we find it a great enhancement to the booking process. It’s worth every penny.
Lennert de JongcitizenM
The secret sauce

We designed Price Check to look simple on the surface. It is anything but simple underneath.

We’ve invested a small fortune (and an inordinate amount of time) to make sure the prices displayed on the widget are accurate at all times. Your guests will see the correct prices whether they are searching for multi-night stays or rooms with children added. We’ll get it right whether they are working in a foreign currency or from a region where the local-OTA offers a blended, cached or tax-exclusive rate.

We call this our secret sauce. Delivering the right price every time comes with major challenges. And these challenges only increase at scale. Triptease is trusted by the top brands in the industry because we deliver one thing above all – accurate prices.

Why is Accuracy so important?

Two reasons:

1. Guests will love you for it. You must maintain consumer confidence in the price comparison. Price Check delivers a fabulous jump in direct bookings because it increases faith and trust in the direct channel. We know guests carry out accuracy spot-checks when they first see our widget. If they find errors you risk losing the benefit this innovative widget creates.

2. OTAs are your partners. Don’t misquote them – they’re important for your business and you should be fair in what you show.

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