Queen Of Hoxton

Hoxton Hotel

London, England, United Kingdom

I had a few gin and tonics in somebody's apartment last night. An experience not usually meriting of a triptease. But when the host is the Hoxton Hotel and the gin comes in the form of a Bombay Sapphire "Ultimate G&T masterclass" the story becomes rather more interesting.

Taking my old dear (and raving gin enthusiast) out for an early birthday celebration, we met at Old Street and walked over to the Hoxton and later Hoxton proper. An unremarkable tale if it weren't for the fact that she's only ever ventured East of St. Paul's on a handful of occasions. Ever. "A Chelsea tractor driving Surreyite has no business in Hoxton" - but that's where she was proved instantly wrong. 

The informal yet chic decor and buzzy yet relaxed atmosphere of the hotel immediately stole her heart. With height of cool artwork lining the walls, she wasn't the only one who was impressed. Taking the G&T masterclass in the hotel's newly launched The Apartment, an evening of wild gin infusions ensued. My mum is now a Hoxton convert.
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