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How a European hotel chain halved disparities and saw their direct bookings soar

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Steigenberger and Intercity
89 hotels, 16,488 rooms,
Berlin, Paris, New York, Egypt
Reduction in disparities with OTA
Increase in direct bookings

Steigenberger run 89 hotels across Europe and Northern Africa, divided into the Steigenberger, Intercity and Jaz in the City brands. One of their key marketing ambitions for 2016 is to boost direct bookings so they are no longer reliant on OTAs (Online Travel Agents). They’re approaching this in two ways:

Building Relationships

Direct bookings help hotels to gather more data on their guests. This means they can offer services of value and better personalise guests’ experiences. Demonstrating price transparency also reassures guests in their booking, strengthening the direct route and building a trust relationship.

Managing Parity

A best rate guarantee is powerful only if it is accurate. Monitoring how prices compare across the web allows Steigenberger to ensure the best price is always direct. This means more direct bookings.


Triptease’s Price Check widget displays best rate information, comparing to the same room across the web to reassure guests. An A/B test was run across the entire portfolio of Steigenberger hotels, and compared pageviews with and without Price Check. The result? A 61% increase in direct bookings.

From the beginning, we have had a very close partnership. The team at Triptease worked with our web agency to integrate the Triptease widget on our Booking Engine. We sat the widget within the page so that it didn’t cover any key content on the Booking Engine and customised the widget to match our brand colours.
It was also a great way to promote to our guests the benefits of booking direct as we are able to clearly list these on the widget.

Ralf Denke
Ralf Denke VP E Business Steigenberger Hotels

Managing Parity

With 89 hotels and two brands displayed on a number of 3rd party sites, monitoring parity can be challenging. In order to ensure that their direct price is indeed the best, Steigenberger have made excellent use of the Triptease Disparity Dungeon.
Using this real-time list of every instance when a direct price was undercut, Steigenberger have been able to tackle and resolve disparities, recognise and address patterned misrepresentation of prices on 3rd party sites and gain full oversight and control of their pricing.

Triptease also have a great back end tool which has proved really useful for monitoring parity with the OTAs. There are a lot of visual graphs within the tool to show you the trends over time, plus we can export all this data to analyse further, and identify key patterns. What I really like about the tools is that we see our parity issues in a really clear way, issue by issue. It’s really solution driven.

Ralf Denke
Ralf Denke VP E Business Steigenberger Hotels
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