How to own a customer relationship: exclusive interview with Revinate's Kenny Lee

"We fundamentally believe that you should own a direct relationship with your guest"

This week our Chief Tease gets talking empowered hoteliers, tailoring and the millennial sense of entitlement with Kenny Lee, VP of Marketing at Revinate.

Revinate have historically supported hoteliers in understanding and managing their online reputations and aggregating feedback but now they're focused on a fundamental issue of our era: knowing your guest. In fact, Kenny describes it as 'helping educate hoteliers that they're empowered' despite the disintermediation caused by third party relationships.

We all love direct bookings, but there will always be a certain percentage of guests who reach you through 3rd party sites. What then? Kenny highlights little ways you accumulate guest data during their stay so as to better personalise in future, initiate a conversation and in many cases convert to a direct booker.

Watch below for all the tips, but just one more line from Kenny before you do:

'You have to earn your way to build trust with the right messages, good communication and getting them to book direct. Then you can own that customer relationship."

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