[WATCH] What’s new in 2022? Hotel Rate Parity Trends

Travel demand has surged back this year and - while that's great news for hotels - it also marks the aggressive return of a longstanding issue: price undercutting by OTAs.

But what constitutes good parity? How often do direct prices tend to be undercut by OTAs, and what benchmark should you ultimately be aiming for when it comes to improving your parity?

At the recent Direct Booking Summit in Berlin, Triptease’s Chief Tease, Charlie Osmond and Product Manager for Parity, Andrew Williamson took hoteliers on a deep dive into the world of post-pandemic parity, rogue rate leakage and some surprising trends that are emerging in 2022.

Watch the recorded session now to discover:

  • How your hotel's parity stacks up
  • Which OTAs are the worst parity leakers
  • Price undercutting trends on metasearch and how to tackle them
  • Tips and tricks to perfecting your parity strategy this year.

We’re busy collecting regionalized data insights for our North American and Asia Pacific Direct Book Summit's - you can get tickets here. But in the meantime, if you’re interested in getting parity data that’s specific to your hotel’s listing on Google Hotel Ads, please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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Ailish is a Digital Marketing Executive at Triptease

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