Exclusive Interview: Google Travel Industry Head spills the secrets of search

This week our Chief Tease got chatting to Terri Scriven to unearth the tricks to boost your organic and paid search results.

'Gone are the days of buying a few keywords'

With over 95 products in Search alone, driving traffic, knowing your data and driving direct bookings are starting to seem like mythical end goals. Nice, but impossible to pin down. In this interview however, Terri guides us through the tricks for getting the best out of Google Search and Maps and focussing in on what really matters.

Terri's Top Tips
  • Use Google Analytics. It's free, simple and unlocks the door to so much information about your traffic and your audience.
  • Segment all this audience data with Remarketing Lists to tap into additional incremental traffic.
  • Optimise brand positioning.
  • Explore Dynamic Search Ads. They match more closely to the relevance of the search.

Listen in for more...

Google's Satyan Joshi, Hotel Ads Business Leader, will be attending the Direct Booking Summit in three weeks, joined on stage by Skyscanner, TripAdvisor, Premier Inn, CitizenM, Kempinski and more. After selling out, the event everyone's talking about has moved to a bigger venue and new tickets have been released. Don't miss out.

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