Four ways to improve hotel websites

If you’re a regular visitor to our site you may have noticed that we’ve updated our website. If you’re not, welcome!

During the process we’ve been thinking about hotel websites – after all, the average traveller visits 38 sites before pressing ‘book now’. How can you make sure yours stands out?

After lots of web trawling, we’ve found the seven things hoteliers should focus on this year:

1. Make it mobile

Customers now book 21% of hotels and holidays on smartphones and tablets, with 76% of consumers across the globe will leave a mobile website if it’s not optimized per device. Failure to optimise is as good as leaving money on the table. Guests will book elsewhere if it doesn’t fit the small screen.

2. Include bad reviews

53% of travellers won’t book a hotel without reading reviews first. A greater trust value is even placed on a hotel that has the odd bad review that has been resolved amicably online, for everyone to see. Addressing a negative review builds up trust for new bookers to show that you want to make experiences better.

3. It’s all about photos

We respond to images quicker than we do words. When it comes to sharing experiences on social networks, customer will either take their own pictures or share directly from hotel websites. Providing the images are high quality and true to the rooms and facilities they represent. Making your hotel look a lot better than it is won’t drive long-term direct revenue. In the digital world, there’s nowhere to hide.

4. Make pricing transparent

A fresh Google search is but a new tab away, so making pricing as clear as possible on your site. There is still a perception that third parties offer cheaper prices, so what can you do to give consumers the confidence they need to believe the price on your site is the best on the web? Best Price Guarantees are a good place to start. You can take that one step further with Price Check, our simple widget that shows live prices from across the web and provides reassurance that your prices are the same, if not lower than others.

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