Product Updates: September 2018

If you're a Triptease customer you'll know that you can see the full list of everything our product team is getting up to by clicking on the Updates tab in the Triptease Platform. But we always like to share the highlights on the blog too because we're nice like that...

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Targeting improvements: New vs returning visitors
Targeting improvements: US state
Targeting improvements: Referral URL
Targeting improvements: Check-in day of the week
Targeting improvements: URL contains
Searcher conversion rate benchmarking

Targeting improvements: New vs returning visitors

Product: Message Porter - Date: Friday 21st September

Returning website visitors generally convert at a high level. In fact, they are often responsible for significant proportion of revenue. So we’ve made it possible for you to welcome back your returning visitors and treat them differently to brand new visitors.

Screenshot of the Triptease Message Builder displaying targeting by new vs returning visitor
One thing to note is that new vs returning targeting is only available on Nudge Messages. That’s because it would be a slightly strange experience to show a returning visitor a Full-screen Message just as they are about to leave your website again. You’re welcoming them back, so it’s much more logical to show them a Nudge Message, which can appear just as they arrive back on your website.

Showing potential guests the right kind of message at exactly the right point in their journey is so important in driving conversions. We’re really looking forward to seeing how you’ll be using this new feature to do that.

Targeting improvements: US state

Product: Message Porter - Date: Thursday 20th September

Our partner hotels in the US have been particularly keen to target guests by state. We’ve now improved our location-based targeting to include a state targeting option.

You’ll now see that the Location targeting option in the Audience section of the Message Builder offers a choice of either Country or State, with a drop down menu for both. This means you can now offer state based discounts, for tax reasons or just to entice guests from a neighbouring state for a little impromptu holiday….

Screenshot of the Triptease Message Builder displaying targeting by US state
We’d love to hear about what kinds of state-based targeting your trying and how it’s working out for you. Let us know what you get up to!

Targeting improvements: Referral URL

Product: Message Porter - Date: Wednesday 19th September

Referral targeting allows you to show a particular message to a visitor based on which website they came to your website from.

Whether they found you on Google, Tripadvisor, or another website, you can greet each visitor with a unique targeted message based on where they came from. Just head to the Message Builder and select Referral website in the Audience section, then enter the URL of the referral website you would like to target visitors from.

Screenshot of the Triptease Message Builder displaying targeting by referral website
We’d love to hear what you think of all the recent improvements to Message Porter targeting. Get in touch and let us know if you have feedback or suggestions!

Targeting improvements: Check-in day of the week

Product: Message Porter - Date: Tuesday 18th September

You asked for it, so we built it - target by check-in day of the week is now available in the Message Builder.

When you’re in the Audience section of the Message Builder, just select your check-in date range as you ordinarily would using the calendar. Once your dates are selected you’ll then see a new section appear which allows you to specify arrival on Any day or Specific days. If you select Specific days you’ll then be able to click and unclick the days of the week to select or deselect them.

Screenshot of the Triptease Message Builder displaying targeting by check in day of the week
So, if you have persistent low occupancy days that you’d like to encourage guests to arrive on, you can now show them targeted offers to entice them to book.

Targeting improvements: URL contains

Product: Message Porter - Date: Monday 17th September

We’ve made a bunch of improvements to our URL targeting functionality so that it works even better for you. We’re pleased to announce that you can now target using just URL contains, rather than having to input the exact website URL you want to target.

Screenshot of the Triptease Message Builder displaying targeting by URL contains

This means that if you wanted to target, for example, all hotel restaurant menu pages with the same direct booking dinner offer, you’d just need to add a word that all the relevant URLs contain (probably ‘menu’ in this instance!)

Your offer would then appear on each of those pages, without you needing to go and grab the URL for each specific page.

Searcher conversion rate benchmarking

Product: Insights - Date: Thursday 6th September

We’re very excited to announce we’ve taken the first step towards providing quick access benchmarking data in the Triptease Insights Dashboard. You can now compare your searcher conversion rate with all the other hotels using Triptease whenever you log into the platform.

Here’s how it looks

Screenshot of the Triptease platform displaying Insight Dashboard scrolled down to view benchmarking data

This means you can now instantly get a sense of how well your hotel is performing in comparison to other hotels, take action to improve if needed, and monitor the changes to your relative performance over time.

This is just the start of the benchmarking data that we’ll be adding to the platform in the coming weeks so expect to hear more from us soon. But we’d also like to hear from you. You’ll notice in the dashboard there’s a link for you to let us know what benchmarking data you’d like to see next. Click the link to let us know your opinion and help shape the benchmarking product we build for you.

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