[WATCH] How to make the most of metasearch with Google and Triptease

Google Hotel Ads is a popular price comparison tool for hotel searches on Google, and its incredible recent growth shows no signs of slowing. As Google’s platform continues to evolve and expand, how can hotels make the most of the opportunity it presents?

In our recent webinar, we teamed up with Malte Jess, APAC Regional Product Lead for Hotels at Google, to answer questions from hoteliers on how to maximize their presence on the platform. Watch the recording to discover:

  • Why metasearch matters for your hotel, and why it should be a crucial part of your acquisitions strategy
  • How Google Hotel Ads auctions work, and how to get a step ahead of the competition
  • The importance of data and parity to your metasearch bids
  • Actionable tips and insightful case studies on how to get connected and succeed at metasearch.

Watch recording

About The Author

Rob is a Product Marketing Executive at Triptease, managing the Retargeting product.

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