Hotelier's guide to the post-covid landscape

The travel rebound is here. Are you ready?

Download your free hotelier's guide to the post-covid travel landscape and make sure you get your fair share of the ‘revenge’ booking surge.

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  • The biggest challenges and opportunities facing hotels right now
  • Strategies to handle ongoing staff shortages
  • Which ongoing pandemic travel trends are continuing to impact hotel recovery
  • New customer behaviors that are shaping the next phase of travel booking.

Increase your direct bookings with Triptease

The Triptease Platform is built to help hotels take back control of their distribution, drive direct bookings and increase their direct revenue.

The platform identifies a hotel's most valuable guests then works across the entire customer journey - from paid search and metasearch through to onsite personalization, price monitoring and retargeting - to make sure they book directly at the hotel.