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A bigger picture

Price Check continues to feature in the Direct Booking Platform: Ilio Edition, however it is now simply one of an array of mesages you could be sending guests to support their journey from looker to booker. Check out Message Porter for more information on how we can help you find the optimal moments for a little pricing guidance.

In the 2 years since it was born, Price Check has taken the industry by storm and, like all good ideas, has spawned a generation of copycats. While the Triptease Direct Booking Platform has grown up around Price Check to deliver a far bigger picture, this page is here to help you to ask the right questions when you're speaking to our competitors.

The secret sauce

If there's one thing we've invested an inordinate amount of time in, it's accuracy.

Why is accuracy so important?

  1. Price Check is designed to build trust in your direct channel. Around 80% guests carry out an accuracy spot check when they first see a price comparison widget. So guests will spot inaccuracy and the increase in conversion you experience thanks to a price comparison will quickly disappear. You will also damage your brand and reputation.
  2. OTAs are your partners. Don’t misquote them – they’re important for your business and you should be fair in what you show.

Looking at stand-alone price comparison providers? Why not run 20 trial searchs for different dates, with and without children, for multiple nights - just like a real guest would. See what happens.

Reassure your guest that direct is best

Benefits beyond price
Use Price Check to display key benefits of booking direct. Added benefits provide an incentive for a direct booking. Just as importantly, they reinforce a hotel’s underlying preference for direct bookings. That’s important for you and also for the industry.

What should you offer? We track the impact of offering different benefits across thousands of hotels and we also run an annual research project to identify the benefits guests most love. We’d be delighted to provide some advice based on your hotel type and location. A few recent favourites among our clients include:


Full funnel solutions

Price Check can live beyond your Rooms & Rates page and can be shown before a guest has selected specific dates.

Display ‘from rates’ so that guests who might not plan to check your direct price also benefit from a price comparison.

View All

For the more inquisitive guest: Our ‘View all’ function allows guests to extend the price comparison to more OTAs and so get a wider confirmation that the direct price is unbeatable.

Geo-specific OTAs

OTAs vary in reputation and size from country to country.

Our mission is to optimize any price comparison for usefulness and conversion. To maximize impact, our learning algorithm will display different OTAs based on the hotel’s location and a guest’s location.

Never be undercut again

Automatically match an OTA if you’re being undercut so your guest never needs to look elsewhere. This is also a useful strategy for reducing OTAs’ incentive to undercut your direct price.

Choose from a variety of display options:

  • Phone number to call
  • Discount code to redeem at checkout
  • Apply a discount to the page with a single click
  • For hotels with loyalty schemes: display a message driving visitors to join your scheme for lower prices

(Psst.. For more ways to reduce OTA undercutting, check out the Disparity Dungeon.)

Fully adaptable and responsive

Whether your guests visit your website from a mobile phone, tablet or desktop, our price comparison widget resizes with the screen to maximize direct bookings.

Price Check is available in a wide variety of formats. You may prefer an in-page horizontal bar or opt to use our fully-customizable API so that you have full control over the design and CSS.

  • Mix-and-match different widget styles with different page-types
  • Configure responsiveness – you choose how the designs change with screen size
  • Placement – side height and more
  • Check out our handy guide to your settings page for best practice tips!

Our brand new in-page design slots into your iframe so that as your website resizes, so does Price Check, right down to 320 px (that’s your average iPhone).

Only integrate once

Price Check functions like one responsive site, optimized to the device it loads on instead of a subdomain (like This follows Google’s recommended configuration and means enhanced UX, better SEO – and less work for you.

Easy Implementation

  • Already integrated with 50+ Booking Engines and CMS systems
  • Simple javascript add-in
  • Full technical documentation provided
  • Dedicated go-live team on hand if required
  • Contracted to live in as little as 24 hours


The Triptease Platform is well-travelled and always learning more languages. Let us know if we’re missing yours.


Price Check is part of our Direct Booking Platform and works best in combination with our other conversion, engagement, learning and parity management tools.

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