The Gresham

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The Gresham
4 star independent hotel in Dublin
323 bedrooms
Windward Management
24 hr
uplift in conversion

We experienced a record month for booking engine conversion after signing up for Triptease. Price Check is just simple and so well executed by the team.

Stephen Williams
Stephen Williams Windward Management

The Gresham work closely with Windward Management in their joint vision of continuing a legacy of long lasting client relationships and the personalisation that truly knowing your guest enables. Increasing direct bookings is a fundamental aspect of this goal, and one under threat in a world of third party sites.
The Gresham were one of Price Check’s early adopters.

I was really excited by this groundbreaking way of communicating transparently with guests.

Price Check was integrated on the Gresham’s website within 24 hours. By listening carefully to feedback, it was adapted to improve conversion, for example by developing new ways to avoid covering key content on the booking engine.

I have found Triptease to be excellent from the start, with a great customer success team and tools that were quick and easy to use. I am really glad to have been one of the first users of such a simple but hugely effective tool. I like that in the Data Platform we can clearly see where our parity issues are, which means that we can pursue many more direct bookings with our guests.

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