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Conversion optimization
[WEBINAR] Retargeting 101: Learn how to bring unconvinced guests back to book direct
Rob Funnell · November 05, 2019
Sign up for the webinar Nine out of ten guests who've booked with an OTA visit your hotel...
[WATCH] Could your acquisition strategy be costing you direct bookings?
Alisa Voitika · November 05, 2019
The Direct Booking Summit is always a hub for conversation on the latest and best acquisit...
Can email capture help your hotel bring guests back to your website?
Rob Funnell · October 15, 2019
The path to purchase is no longer a linear, one-way journey. Whether guests are off-site o...
10 ways to improve your hotel's click-through rate
Rob Funnell · September 27, 2019
Website visitors can be a tough crowd. In an era of adblock, 280 characters and fleeting a...
The three steps to building a future-proof distribution budget
Alisa Voitika · September 19, 2019
As part of our Hotel Heroes program, the hotel industry leaders offer their insights and a...
Don’t give up on lost traffic: The power of retargeting
Rob Funnell · September 17, 2019
Some hotels may be doing everything right, but are still seeing a high proportion of custo...