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[WATCH] How to build your hotel's direct booking budget for 2020
Alisa Voitika · November 08, 2019
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Ask the Hotel Heroes: "Retargeting is cheaper than acquiring new guests"
Triptease Team · November 05, 2019
Each month, the Hotel Heroes - our panel of trusted hospitality industry experts - answer...
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Alisa Voitika · November 05, 2019
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Rob Funnell · October 29, 2019
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Triptease launches Retargeting: Roundup of Day 1 at the Direct Booking Summit in Miami
Rob Funnell · October 22, 2019
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How to get digital and revenue teams to work smarter together
Triptease Team · October 09, 2019
With the Direct Booking Summit just around the corner, we caught up with Dan Wacksman, For...