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"Hotels have an extraordinary advantage over OTAs." - DBS Paris 2019 Day One Wrap-Up
Rob Funnell · June 12, 2019
After months of anticipation, the Direct Booking Summit EMEA opened its doors this morning...
Has the relationship changed between hotels and OTAs?
Rob Funnell · May 29, 2019
Hotels and OTAs both need each other. However, despite their fundamental interdependence,...
"It’s amazing how much data we get from the Triptease Platform"
Annalisa Duina · May 08, 2019
Dhigali Maldives is a five-star, 180-room property built in June 2017 under the Universal...
[WATCH] "There's a massive difference between hotels and OTAs on metasearch"
Lily McIlwain · April 24, 2019
Why does metasearch matter? That's the question with which we opened our most recent webi...
Four things to understand about your hotel data
Kyra Platz · April 11, 2019
This article comes from one of Triptease's Direct Booking Coaches. Get in touch to find o...
"Google seems to be taking over the role OTAs play in the guest journey - and doing a better job."
Lily McIlwain · March 22, 2019
We've been keeping a close eye on Google Travel for a while now, so when they quietly anno...