A powerful little widget for hotel websites. It shows real-time OTA prices and how they compare to your best-available rate.

Guests love it. It reassures them about pricing and saves valuable time.  

Best of all, transparent pricing restores trust in the direct channel. Improving your conversion rate. 

You should expect to see an increase in direct bookings of 20-30% in your first month.





we prefer direct

The Price Check widget is displayed automatically after a guest searches for room availability.

If a visitor clicks the widget they are shown a short message explaining how it works and why it was built. 

Hotels have become better at keeping rate parity. This message reminds travellers of the benefits of booking direct and the good it does for the industry.





Simple integration into your booking engine

Pick a colour

Go-live within 24 hours

Three third-party prices searched in real-time

Automatic matching of lower prices (*optional)

Automated price-parity reporting (*optional)



What our clients say

"The Triptease team is dedicated to helping us drive direct bookings.
Price Check just works.
It's intelligent and since using it we've seen our direct bookings treble."


See it live

Fancy a trip to Edinburgh? Be sure to book Lateral City Appartments

Please note due to current A/B testing (we love proof-by-analytics)  you may occasionally not see the widget on some client sites


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