The all-in-one Data Marketing Platform for hotels.

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Paid Search

Reach new audiences that convert

Intelligent traffic acquisition

Personalized website experiences

Bring guests back to book direct

Instantly answer your guests questions

Performance data at your fingertips


Smart use of your unique hotel data in Paid Search

Adjust bidding strategies based on Triptease’s unique data sets not found in Google Ads. De-duplicate attribution between traffic acquisition channels and never pay twice for the same booking.

Adjust prices automatically to always win on Metasearch

Never get beaten on price with Price Match on Meta. Automatically attract the most engaged searchers in your market with bidding that adapts to their likelihood to book and your price parity. Triptease Metasearch delivers 105% more revenue than the industry standard at a 30% higher return.

Personalise your website for every guest with Messages

Easily segment website visitors with targeting options including hard to access data like metasearch activity and likelihood to book. Capture valuable first-party data and send audience lists enriched with key customer data like lead time or party size straight to your CRM.

Automate customer conversations with Chat

Reassure potential guests that you have the best price by using the same data connectivity that powers our industry leading Price Check Message. Speak to guests in their language on the channels they use while automating time-consuming processes and conversations.

Retargeting ads with real-time personalization

Fully-dynamic display ads pull in relevant information price and search information to create uniquely personalised adverts in real time. Show them their most recent itinerary and your best price for their dates.


Benchmark your performance, take an action from every insight and work with our team to drive continuous improvement for your business.

Capture data

The connectivity, tracking, security and storage of critical, hard-to-access data for hotels.

Understand data

Raw data turned into usable, impactful pricing and audience insights for hotels.

Activate data

Insights applied intelligently across all marketing channels to increase performance.

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