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Instantly contact guests who didn’t - or couldn’t - book with automated Cart abandonment and 'Back-in-stock' emails. Get the same first-party customer data sent automatically to your CRM.

Future proof your business. Collect first-party data on your website

First-party data is gold for marketers, but hard to collect. Easily capture email addresses automatically from your booking engine, or set up an Email Capture Message anywhere on your website.

Resell cancelled rooms to guests who saw no availability

Stop losing high intent customers who saw no availability for their search. Automatically alert them about room cancellations with 'Back-in-stock' emails. 

Automatically bring back guests who didn’t complete their booking

Bring customers back to the booking engine in one click. Drive more revenue with zero manual work for your team. 

Send guest data straight to your CRM

The Triptease Data Marketing Platform automatically enriches and sorts your data into targeted segments so you can send personalized content your guests actually want to receive.

3,000 collected emails
$200k in revenue

We have seen very strong email sign-up rates compared to our static forms and have performed strongly with open rates over 70%
Mike Givens, Vice President, Digital Marketing & eCommerce at EOS Hospitality

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