We’re excited to announce that Triptease has partnered with Revinate, a leading Guest Data Platform and communication solutions provider, to allow faster, simpler data sharing between hotel technology systems.

This is the first step in breaking down data silos between two best-in-class hotel technology providers. Sharing customer information between the two platforms allows hoteliers to build a more complete picture of their guests across the booking journey.

The Revinate-Triptease partnership already allows hoteliers to capture the email addresses of guests who show high booking intent while on the hotel website and integrate these email addresses with the guest’s profile on Revinate. Hoteliers can then segment and target guests with personalized messaging that drives direct revenue.


While the travel boom is likely to continue into 2023, there remains considerable economic uncertainty ahead. This alongside ongoing staff shortages within the hospitality industry means that hoteliers must continue to find ways to achieve more with less time and fewer resources.

Providing easy access to insights gathered through first party data collection and eliminating the need to manually associate customer email addresses with the CRM system at the backend means hoteliers get more time back to focus on what they do best - providing great customer experiences. In addition, capturing email addresses of guests with high intent to book in this way won’t disrupt their browsing/research experience.

Through an API setup, hoteliers with Revinate CRM Revinate CRM can have guests’ emails captured by Triptease and fed back into the CRM. The partnership will also bring about further product innovation soon, with a focus on how to capture and use pre-booking data gathered earlier in the purchase journey to provide even more tailored marketing communications to potential customers.

This integration is having an incredible impact for hotels. EOS Investors have already captured over 3,000 customer emails and driven more than $200k in revenue as a result of using Email Capture Messages. The Revinate partnership now makes it much faster and simpler to access and use that data. Mike Givens, Sr. Director, Digital Marketing & eCommerce, said that “It is essential for us that any touchpoint where we are collecting information on our guests or prospective guests is integrated with our CRM. I am looking forward to expanding on how we continue to build out the functionality in other areas of our sites including group sales and weddings.”

Brian Batts, VP of Global Partnerships, Revinate said, “We are on our way to a cookieless world where first party data collection is highly critical for hoteliers. Our partnership with Triptease underlines the importance of first party data collection and opens up the possibilities of accelerating direct revenue. Hoteliers operate in a highly competitive world. We are helping them leverage the data they own and drive revenue.”

Charlie Osmond, Found and Chief Tease, Triptease said, “This partnership fulfils a critical need in the hospitality industry for joined-up technology systems. We know that hoteliers are looking for this. When we first launched Email Capture Messages we always knew the next step was to remove the time consuming process of manually sharing data between systems. We’re excited to have taken this first step to vastly improve hotel customer data sharing with Revinate, and there will be more to come soon.”