Hotel Management Group in Philippines

Hotel Management Group in Philippines

Location: Philippines Hotel type: Hotel Management Company Room Count: 1,557
Increase in conversion rate

Attract and convert together means more revenue at less cost! With Triptease, we continue to achieve better ARR (average room rate) and even more conversions on our hotel websites.

Data recorded November 2018 - June 2019 (June 2019 for Triptease Meta)
Objectives Solutions Results
This group had traffic coming to their hotel websites but their conversion rate wasn't very high.

They needed tools to help influence their website visitors and encourage them to book direct.
Targeted Messages allow the hotels to convert more customers by showing them personalized, targeted content and offers.

Price Check communicates that the cheapest price is available direct on the hotel’s website.
$41kincremental revenue generated by Targeted Messages
The group wanted to battle price undercutting and understand the sources of their rate disparities. The Parity Management dashboard monitors disparities on OTAs and provides relevant information to help hotels take action. 93% Decrease in undercut rate
The group wanted to increase their meta traffic volumes and ROAS (return on ad spend) whilst reducing OTA costs. Triptease Meta adjusts the bid for every guest depending on demographic and behavioural data, room availability data, parity data and CRS data. $75k Revenue generated in one month with Triptease Meta.


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