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Find out who is undercutting you on Metasearch with a free parity health check

Discover opportunities for precision discounting strategies to drive more direct bookings on Metasearch

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Numerous hoteliers are unaware of how extensively OTAs and competitors are outperforming them. Understanding metasearch parity data is difficult, particularly for those not equipped with the right tools. For many hoteliers, merely accessing price parity information presents a big challenge, not to mention the struggle of interpreting the data to make strategic decisions. With the new Triptease Metasearch Parity Health Check, hoteliers can gain crucial insights into their pricing position relative to specific OTAs.


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Gain precise, actionable data for competitive pricing strategies in Metasearch

The new Triptease Metasearch-Parity health check tells you whether you're being undercut on metasearch, the magnitude of the undercuts, and the specific OTAs involved. The tool pulls all your rates into one place, making it easy to see where you stand against OTAs when it comes to pricing. This isn't your average, run-of-the-mill data dump. This automated tool provides a clear overview of your hotel's pricing landscape, offering insights into competitive tactics and precision discounting strategies to edge out the competition.

With the insights from the report, you'll be able to:

  • Keep an eye on which OTAs are playing fair and which ones are sneaking in lower rates.
  • Spot the weaknesses in your pricing strategies - see where you are losing revenue because your price is more expensive that competitors.
  • Uncover strategic opportunities to boost your revenue with targeted precision discounts.

Experiment with different discounts and see how they could impact parity

With the new Metasearch-Parity health check you can experiment with applying different discounts to see how they change your direct price. The new price is then compared to that of OTAs so hotels can understand how much to discount in order to show the best price on Metasearch and win the click.

Using the Triptease Price Match health check hotels can detect when an OTA is undercutting them. The price is dynamically adjusted by ‘just enough’ in the auction and on the booking engine so you win the direct booking.

Here’s how to generate your report

  1. Select your hotel

    Search and select your hotel using the Google-like search box. Verify the correct hotel using the map feature.

  2. View pricing data

    The tool automatically gathers and compares OTA and direct prices for the next 28 days, highlighting your hotel’s pricing position.

  3. Analyse undercut rates

    Check the displayed undercut rate to understand how often OTAs are undercutting your hotel’s rates on metasearch platforms.

  4. Experiment with discounts

    Use the discount slider to simulate different discount levels. Observe the impact on the undercut rate and identify the optimal discount for improving rate parity.




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