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Save time with Triptease. Let ChatGPT write your On-site Message headlines

Personalise your hotel campaigns effortlessly with Triptease's ChatGPT integration, driving more direct bookings.

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As a hotelier, you know that personalising your On-site Messages is key to increasing conversion rates and driving direct bookings. Until now, hoteliers have needed to spend time writing with their own On-site Message headlines, which could slow down the process of getting an impactful message live on your website.

That's where Triptease's latest integration comes in. We're excited to announce that the Triptease Message Builder now includes an automated campaign headline generator feature, powered by Open AI's ChatGPT.

With this new feature, hoteliers can quickly generate multiple engaging campaign headlines tied to the goal or intent of their message, saving time and effort while also improving the effectiveness of the campaign.

But what is ChatGPT? It's an artificial intelligence language model that uses machine learning to understand and generate human-like text.

By integrating ChatGPT into On-site Messages, hoteliers can now generate high-quality message headlines in seconds. Simply enter a prompt, such as 'Easter' or 'Book with us', and let Triptease do the rest. You'll receive a variety of compelling and relevant headlines tailored to your target audience.

Of course, it's important to note that AI-generated headlines may not always perfectly reflect the tone, style, or branding of your business. We recommend that you review the generated headlines before use and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that they align with your marketing goals and brand identity.

But overall, this feature saves time and effort for hoteliers while improving campaign effectiveness. With personalised messages that resonate with your guests, you'll be able to drive more direct bookings and increase your revenue.

Want to know more about Triptease’s new ChatGPT integration and how Triptease On-site Messages could increase direct bookings for your hotel? Get in touch with the team via the form below.

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