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Outperform OTAs with the ultimate guide to hotel metasearch

As travel reopens, metasearch is a golden opportunity for hotels to drive more direct bookings. Find out how to maximize this channel in our new free guide.

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With travel reopening, metasearch is a golden opportunity for hotels to reach out to potential customers and drive direct bookings. But OTAs are fully aware of the opportunities - in fact they’re already spending billions to squeeze hoteliers out of the game.

Since 2020, the average number of bidders in the metasearch auction has increased 3x in the North American and European markets, driving the cost per click (CPC) up by a record 150% compared to pre-covid. In this fragmented meta landscape, hoteliers will need to work harder than ever to see results.

Find out how to drive more direct bookings from metasearch with the new Ultimate Guide to Hotel Metasearch. From optimizing your booking engine to improving your rate parity and targeting the entire guest journey, the guide provides top tips and advice on how to outperform OTAs and drive more direct revenue.

What the guide includes:

  • The meta sites you need to be on
  • Defining your goals and budget
  • Maximizing direct booking incentives for guests
  • Tackling price undercutting from rogue OTAs
  • Connecting your meta visibility to the wider guest booking journey
  • Key learnings from a major hotel group on their record-breaking performance
  • Plus much more

It’s time to get serious about your meta performance. Download your free copy now.

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