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How EOS Hospitality generated $200k with Triptease Email Capture

Learn how EOS Hospitality used Triptease Email Capture to successfully capture first-party data that integrates directly with their Revinate CRM, generating more than $200K in revenue.

Mike Givens sharing EOS Hospitality's success with Triptease's Email Activation at The Direct Booking Summit in New Orleans


Customer emails captured


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Isla Bella Beach Resort & Hotel Bethany Beach, part of EOS Hospitality

Hotel Type:
Luxury beach resorts

Florida & Delaware, USA

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Customers expect personalization as standard. With Google phasing out cookies, capturing first-party data is now even more critical for hotels. Collecting this type of data helps build sophisticated marketing campaigns, but in order to do just that, you need a great first-party strategy.

That’s why we sat down with Mike Givens, the Vice President of Digital Marketing & eCommere at EOS Hospitality. He has seen amazing results from the On-Site Email Capture message that automatically sends customer emails to their Revinate CRM, helping generate over $200k in revenue.

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What’s your current direct booking strategy?

We focus on direct pricing, tactical marketing placements, and incentives to book direct to entice guests to book direct the first time. If guests book through a third party for their first stay, we ensure they book direct for their next stay through our lifecycle marketing strategy.


How are you combining the Revinate CRM and Triptease Email Capture Messages to help support your direct booking strategy?

So far, we are really using them as a direct conversion technique. We encourage web visitors to sign up to save, then we trigger an email directly from Revinate to the guest with a fenced offer. Guests are likely shopping our website and various third parties, so this gives us the ability to offer a fenced incentive to book - like a discount or value add - when a guest signs up through a direct link in the email.

It is essential for us that any touchpoint where we are collecting information on our guests or prospective guests is integrated with our CRM. I am looking forward to expanding on how we continue to build out the functionality in other areas of our sites including group sales and weddings.


What results were you forecasting or hoping to see from this message type, and how have your messages performed in relation to that?

We have seen very strong sign up rates compared to our static email sign up forms, and the emails triggered off of the sign up form have open rates of over 70% in some cases.


What advice can you give to other hotels to help them launch successful customer email capture campaigns?

Work with your revenue management team to come up with an exclusive value add or discount to offer through the email sign up form. We have seen that campaigns which include an exclusive first time offer to work the best.


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