Royce Hotels beats OTA undercutting and boosts conversions 158% on Metasearch.

The Royce Melbourne struggled with OTAs' aggressive pricing, affecting direct sales.

The big challenge: Major OTA undercutting

The Royce Melbourne was facing a common challenge in the hospitality industry: Online travel agents (OTAs) regularly undercutting their prices. OTAs were offering lower prices for The Royce's rooms on Metasearch, which meant that guests were clicking on the OTA sites leading to lost revenue and low conversion rates on the hotel's website.


The Triptease solution: Price Match on Metasearch

The Royce Melbourne implemented Triptease's Price Match on Metasearch, an automated solution that detects when an OTA is undercutting the hotel rate and dynamically adjusts the direct price by ‘just enough’ in the auction and on Google Metasearch so you win the direct booking.

The feature is 100% automated, but that hoteliers remain in full control of who they price match and by how much. Triptease will only ever price match your selected OTAs with your pre-set discount options.


The results

Since implementing Price Match on Metasearch, The Royce Melbourne has experienced a remarkable transformation. When comparing Price Match performance to their regular Metasearch performance they saw:



Click-through rate


Conversion rate




Thanks to Price Match, guests always found the best available rate on the hotel's website, eliminating the incentive to book through OTAs. The solution removed the manual effort required for rate mapping, streamlining the process and ensuring timely price adjustments. The hotel gained valuable insights into guest behaviour and pricing preferences, enabling them to optimize their strategies.


“We definitely see higher numbers of direct bookings coming through from emails/phones and as well as direct website."

- Selly Sutikno, Reservations Manager


How you can win with Price Match on Metasearch

  • Ensure that you're always offering the best available rate to potential guests. This can lead to a significant increase in click-through-rates and driving more people to your booking engine.

  • Improve your conversion rates on Metasearch channels. By showing guests that you're offering the best price, you can encourage them to book directly with you instead of clicking through to an OTA.

  • Reduce price disparity between your website and OTAs. This can help you improve your brand reputation and establish yourself as the best place to book your hotel rooms.
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Learn more about how Price Match on Metasearch can help your hotel drive more direct bookings, contact Triptease. Book a demo today.

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