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Ramada Encore increased guests' likelihood to convert by 8.69x

How Ramada Encore used Triptease tools to identify and tackle wholesale rate disparities and reassure guests that their direct price is best.



Incremental revenue

Generated by Convert tools in 2 months


Lower undercut rate

(than the average in Indonesia,
Av. - 17.1%, Ramada Encore - 5.1%)


Increase in likelihood of conversion


Client: Ramada Encore Seminyak Bali

Hotel Type: 290 room hotel (part of group)

Location: Bali

Key Features:

 Triptease helps us keep our disparities rate low and show our guests that the best price is direct."

Cristo Berutu
E-Commerce Manager

Date range used: 30/07/2019-18/09/2017

Objectives :
  • They needed tools to help influence their website visitors and encourage them to book direct.

  • The group wanted to battle ‘wholesaler issue’ that is common in the region by understanding the sources of their rate disparities and fixing them.

Solutions :
  • Price Check communicates that the cheapest price is available direct on the hotel’s website.

  • Targeted Messages allow the Ramada Encore team to easily create targeted content and offers that drive more users towards making the bookings direct.

  • The Parity Management dashboard monitors disparities on OTAs and provides relevant information to help hotels take action.

Results :
  • 8.69x Increase in likelihood of conversion when guests interact with Triptease products on the Ramada Encore website and booking engine.

  • US $15,5k incremental revenue generated by Convert tools in 2 months.

  • 70% Lower undercut rate than the average in Indonesia (Av. - 17.1%, Ramada Encore - 5.1%)


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