How Dream Inn Santa Cruz are edging out OTAs using dynamic Price Match on Metasearch

Dream Inn experiences remarkable growth with 24% more impressions and a 51% increase in ROAS

Triptease’s Price Match on Metasearch product is revolutionising how hotels attract direct bookings, challenging the traditional reliance on Online Travel Agents (OTAs). We recently sat down with Dan Smart, Director of Sales and Marketing to discuss the impact the feature has had on Dream Inn Santa Cruz hotel's business strategy and revenue.



Price Match automatically solves the problem of being undercut by OTAs, which means hotels get more direct bookings with no additional work! The product dynamically applies rate discount codes to the hotel's pricing when they're being undercut. This ensures the direct price is cheaper by ‘just enough’ to win the direct booking - there's no blanket discounting and the hotel stays in control of the OTAs they want to price match. The team at Dream Inn has already seen an increase in direct bookings as a result of using Triptease's Price Match on Metasearch. Dan commented,

“As soon as we put the price match feature on... we were seeing lots of bookings coming in."


Measuring the impact

Monitoring the performance of Price Match is simple. Dan is able to see all his data instantly in the self-serve Triptease Data Marketing Platform. When he needs deeper support on direct booking strategy and insights, the Triptease team is there to help. He shared,

“We measure it through our dashboard which we have with Triptease and once a month we have a call with our market manager which is perfect. You need that."


The results

Since implementing the Price Match feature, Dream Inn Santa Cruz has seen remarkable results:





of total Metasearch bookings




Transform your hotel's booking strategy and increase your revenue. Book a demo today to discuss how the Price Match feature on Metasearch can help you compete with OTA pricing.

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