Macdonald Hotels & Resorts

Based in Edinburgh in the UK, Macdonald Hotels is a group of over 30 hotels that has been driving direct bookings with Triptease since mid-2019.

Find out how they’re using the Triptease Platform to perfect their offer strategy and win bookings back from OTAs.

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Increasing conversion rates by managing parity

The team at Macdonald Hotels use Parity Monitoring to track and rectify disparities (instances where the direct price is undercut by an OTA). The combination of having the best rate and communicating it to guests with Price Check means that Macdonald’s conversion rate is 143% higher when their rates are in parity or cheaper direct.

Attracting high-value traffic with Metasearch

Macdonald Hotels uses Triptease Meta to increase the volume of high-value traffic coming to their direct websites from metasearch engines like Google, TripAdvisor, Trivago and Bing.

Perfecting their offers with Targeted Messages

The team at Macdonald Hotels uses the Variant Testing feature of Targeted Messages to optimize their offer strategy. The fast setup process allows them to quickly create two different messages and test them against each other - e.g. ‘get 30% off’ vs ‘get £10 off’ - before selecting the highest-performing version to display to all traffic. This iterative approach has allowed Macdonald Hotels to influence well over £1 million worth of bookings with Targeted Messages.

Driving incremental bookings with Retargeting

After going live with Triptease Retargeting in January 2020, the average weekly volume of direct bookings through Macdonald Hotels’ websites was greater than at any point in the previous six months.

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