Triptease Meta

Increase your direct booking volumes by engaging your most valuable guests
at a crucial stage of their booking journey.

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Triptease Meta

Supercharge your performance with intelligent automation

Bring guests straight from search to your website with automatically-calculated bids based on your parity status and their likelihood to book.


Generate twice the average volume at a higher return

Triptease's unique combination of bidding multipliers and sophisticated conversion tracking delivers 105% more revenue than the industry standard at a 30% higher return. Meta and Retargeting share a common attribution model, meaning you'll never pay twice for the same booking.

Protect your brand with
in-built parity filters

Don't pay to advertise that you don't have the best rate. Triptease Meta is the only service on the market that can remove your direct price from the meta auction when you're being significantly undercut by OTAs, saving you money and protecting your brand.

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Personalized website experiences
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