Alcron Hotel

Alcron Hotel

Alcron Hotel
Location: Czech Republic
Hotel type: Independent
204 Rooms

“We needed a partner to help us build
a new identity as an independent hotel„

Marek Černický
Revenue Manager

Data recorded February 2019 - May 2019
Objectives Solutions Results
Create a new brand identity as an independent hotel after 20 years as part of a chain. Targeted Messages allow Alcron Hotel to showcase their brand and convert customers through personalized discounts and offers. $27k incremental revenue generated by guests converted through Targeted Messages.
Optimize the performance of all targeted website messaging. A Triptease Direct Booking Coach showcased industry best practices, helping them to build effective website content with no previous experience. 32k impressions on Targeted Messages.

“The advice given by our dedicated Direct Booking Coach has directly led to more bookings.”
Communicate seamlessly with guests on the hotel’s website. Staff can use Chat to personally communicate with potential guests - and the Automated Assistant answers any questions when they’re not available. $14k revenue generated through Chat conversations that have lead to direct bookings.


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