Luxury Hotel In Bali

Luxury Hotel In Bali

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Before joining forces with Triptease, the tech-savvy hotel team looked into a number of price-comparison tools but found that none of them offered what they needed - a united platform for monitoring and improving an entire direct booking process.

The hotel partnered with Triptease in October 2018. For this case study, we spoke to the hotel's Digital Marketing Manager.

The guest intelligence platform allows us to send the right message at the right time to the right audience

Digital Marketing Manager

"Big groups are still dominating the hotel landscape in Bali but more guests are starting to pay attention to personalization," the Digital Marketing Manager explains.

With so many distribution challenges in the region, the hotel is focusing on improving their direct relationship with guests via direct bookings while maintaining a presence on relevant distribution channels.

"It's an exciting time to work in the hospitality industry in Bali. Guests know what they want and hotels are building better relationships with their guests," the hotelier continues.

Since partnering with Triptease, the hotel has generated USD $134k in incremental revenue in just five months.


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