Price Match on Metasearch

Solve your metasearch parity for good and increase bookings by 33%


How it works

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Never get beaten on price

Price Match detects when an OTA is undercutting you in the Metasearch auction and dynamically adjusts the direct price by ‘just enough’ so you win the direct booking.


Automation that's under your control

You decide which OTAs to Price Match as well as how much to discount your price by. Triptease will only ever price match your selected OTAs with your pre-set discount options.


Consistent price matching on metasearch and your booking engine

Triptease offers the only full funnel solution that matches prices on both metasearch and your booking engine.

Cut OTA commission

As long as the discount you offer is less than what you pay in OTA commissions, you’ll be making more money.




Optimise your metasearch pricing with precision discounting

Hotels are undercut more than 50% of the time on metasearch, but half of those undercuts are just 5% cheaper, while a quarter are only 2% cheaper than the direct price. That's a very small discount in exchange for a big increase in direct bookings.


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