What Hoteliers Could Learn from Booksellers

How to turn your hotel rooms into bestsellers One of the happier stories to come out of the first few doom-laden months of the year was the news that beloved UK bookseller Waterstones had returned to profit for the first time since the recession. A large contributor to the bookshop's... read more »

Tease of the Day: 3 Types of Loyalty

We often hear that customer loyalty is a thing of the past. Easily comparable pricing and instant access to information put paid to brand partisanship. But maybe loyalty is just diversifying. On stage at the Skift Forum Europe, Mr & Mrs Smith co-founders Tamara Heber-Percy and James Lohan suggested there... read more »

The Hotelier's Paradox

Attending WIT Hospitality in Hong Kong last month, we kept coming across the same two issues when talking to hoteliers. The first was one that we’ve all heard a thousand times: that hotels need to get better at tech. John Toomey, VP Sales & Distribution for Marriott’s APAC... read more »

Triptease Friday Roundup: A Week in Travel News

What a week! Accor acquire AvailPro, Google move into package holidays - oh, and did we mention that a little startup called Triptease secured $9m in Series B funding? MONDAY 3RD APRIL: Travelzoo closes search business, sells Fly.com domain On Monday, we heard that Travelzoo's venture into metasearch territory... read more »

Triptease secures $9m Series B funding

Triptease secures $9m Series B funding It's been hard to keep quiet about this one! Triptease HQ has been an exciting place to be over the last few days. We're so excited to finally announce that we have raised $9m in Series B funding. We're delighted to be on board... read more »

ITB 2017 - In a Nutshell

ITB 2017 ended in slightly ironic fashion, with half the world’s travel industry scrambling to get on a flight out of Berlin after airline strikes were announced. For those of you that have managed to make it home, we’ve rounded up some of our key insights from the... read more »

Will a pop-up on my website impact Google rankings?

Google’s latest push towards an optimum mobile search experience actively penalises mobile sites with intrusive or obstructive pop-ups. Announced in August last year and live as of January 10th 2017, the move has prompted understandable concern from companies whose business relies on an attractive - and highly visible -... read more »

You can’t catch a data advantage

Malte Siewert gave the standout talk at the inaugural Hotel Technolgy Forum, held in Berlin earlier this month. Malte is one of the three co-founders of Trivago. He whizzed through the explosive growth of his meta-search juggernaut, now valued at $4Bn. And gave a clear warning to companies entering the... read more »

The Reservation Benchmark

In pursuit of our mission to help hoteliers recapture guest relationships and increase conversions on their websites, we conducted a small piece of research. We asked hoteliers across the United States and Europe to describe their current approaches and attitudes toward the reservation process. We’ve made the results freely... read more »

Let’s chat about data

Business was booming. …and then one day, the internet was invented, and ‘boom’ was redefined. The arrival of an ever growing array of channels with which to bombard guests with messaging seemed like the marketer’s dream come true, but as IHG highlight in this year’s Trend Report: Addressing... read more »

Millennials will book direct. Here's why:

Savvy, ambitious and loyal, the millennial traveller can spot a great deal across the ether - but what exactly can you do to catch their eye? The infographic reveals... • 85% check multiple travel sites for the best deal • Almost half are willing to exchange personal information for relevant offers • Over... read more »

The Direct Booking Summit Breakdown

In case you missed it, 200 hoteliers gathered at the Long View Gallery in Washington, D.C. September 13-14 to discuss a key relevant industry topic: direct bookings. Because in a world where third-party costs keep rising, we know that driving direct is key. We’ve already recapped Direct Booking... read more »

Driving Direct, One Hotelier at a Time

Check out the insights from the industry’s biggest names on mobile strategy, loyalty programs, and contract negotiations at the inaugural Direct Booking Summit... Two hundred hoteliers and industry allies travelled to Washington, D.C. to hear one thing: how they can drive more direct bookings. In a world where... read more »

What BoJo did for hotels this summer.

A number of newspapers have suggested that the last thing Boris Johnson (BoJo) expected was to actually win the EU referendum. On the morning the result became clear, he looked as surprised as everyone else. His victory triggered a chaotic couple of weeks in London. Amidst the shock of the... read more »

5 things to take away from HITEC

We had a great time in New Orleans last week feasting on beignets and jambalaya and of course, hosting a booth at HITEC. Missed the memo? HITEC (Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference) is an annual conference where hospitality professionals interact with the latest hospitality technology through a series of... read more »

MD Rebeca González talks Roiback

Tell me about ROIBACK; what role do you play in a hotelier’s distribution strategy? Roiback, as a specialist in direct channel for hotels, is presented as an efficient solution as it manages to increase sales with low  costs lowering hotel cost distribution. Due to the quickly evolving industry, the... read more »

The Data Dilemma

At a conference this morning I heard Scott Crawford‎, Senior Director of eCommerce at Expedia, share some jaw-dropping insights: Expedia... sells a room every 6 seconds has over 189bn rows of consumer data - enough to fill 6.7bn 200-page books! employs over 700 data scientists and analysts runs circa... read more »

How to own a customer relationship: exclusive interview with Revinate's Kenny Lee

"We fundamentally believe that you should own a direct relationship with your guest" This week our Chief Tease gets talking empowered hoteliers, tailoring and the millennial sense of entitlement with Kenny Lee, VP of Marketing at Revinate. Revinate have historically supported hoteliers in understanding and managing their online reputations and... read more »

We welcome new Triptease investor Jonathan Worsley

We are pleased to announce that renowned industry luminary Jonathan Worsley has made an (undisclosed) investment in Triptease, joining existing investors which include Notion Capital and Episode 1. Jonathan is Chairman at Bench Events, one of the world’s largest and most successful events companies for the hospitality investment industry,... read more »

Sabre Hospitality Customer Forum 2016

Sitting on a plane back from the annual Sabre customer conference in Las Vegas seems like a great time to collect a few thoughts. This was a high-production event held at The Bellagio. With 300 attendees from over 100 hotel groups, the audience collectively managed the websites and online distribution... read more »

2016: The Forecast

We take a look at the growth of major trends and the single most important explosion poised to hit hospitality in 2016. Yesterday we found out that the ruffled feathers at Booking.com were last year’s biggest news story –we’re glad last week’s analysis of the biggest... read more »

Rekindling brand intimacy

  Of 200 brands ranked by brand intimacy in MBLM’s study last month, travel companies came out worst. Comfortably the lowest of nine industries assessed, travel is increasingly perceived to be confusing and impersonal. Why? We decided to look at the concept of brand intimacy, its importance and how... read more »

Over 50 and Overlooked

Millennials? In 2016, it’s about looking for older news. The boomers, a generation turning 50 now, control 70% of all disposable income. It’s no surprise that more than any other group, 45 to 54 year olds spend this on the ultimate luxury: holidays. In the UK alone, boomers... read more »

Airbnb: threat or idol?

Boasting more than 60,000,000 guests in over 34,000 cities and 190 countries, Airbnb seems to stand for a seismic shift in the dynamic between suppliers and consumers not only in the hospitality industry, but rippling out to the wider economy. We take a look at behind Airbnb’... read more »

PhocusWright 2015: The Ones to Watch

PhocusWright is all about innovation. We love innovation, but also know that true innovation comes hand in hand with problem-solving. That’s why we’re PhocusWright Europe’s Innovator of the Year and People’s Choice. Introducing the Triptease top 5 problem-solvers to watch from PhocusWright TIS 2015: 5) Proxce... read more »

4 ways to make your guests happier

This year's Annual Hotel Conference in Manchester will focus on a crucial issue for hoteliers: how to connect and communicate with prospective guests. While this concern affects even the largest hotel chains, it is perhaps most pressing for smaller, independent operators, who have to make up for not enjoying the... read more »

Shorten the delay in gratification

It doesn’t end at ‘Book Now’. Add in social media content to get guests excited Building a relationship involves trust and this is no different between hotels and their guests. People are unsurprisingly reluctant to give away vast quantities of their money to organisations they don’t trust. To... read more »

Tell me what else I could have

68% of people said it was useful when they are shown what add-ons they can pay for during the booking process In what is emerging as an increasingly competitive market, we are seeing a key trend toward more and more personalisation on hotel websites. Both small independents and large multinational... read more »

Are humanless hotels the future?

Last week we wrote about the hotel that is run by robots . We asked travel expert and Digital Sociologist Lisa Talia Moretti to dig deeper. Our question: will technology eventually replace humans in providing the best guest experience? Here's what she said: I write this after yet another whirlwind business... read more »

I can't get no (hotel) satisfaction

The results are in! Booking site Hotel Info surveyed over six million reviews from their hotel guests to find which European cities and countries fare best in guest satisfaction – and you might be quite surprised by what they discovered. The unexpected guest favourites Interestingly, eastern and central European cities did... read more »

Are hotels being bullied?

It's a 3-day weekend for many but not for everyone at Triptease. This weekend two of the three Charlies (Granger and Osmond) head off to Dubai for Arabian Travel Market. For those of you attending be sure to find the latter Charlie, our Chief Tease, speaking on a panel about... read more »

Travel news from Easter week

A four day week has its ups and downs, which this week has included an office move! The boxes have been unpacked and the phones are up and running so it's time for our post on this week's need-to-know travel news. 18% OF SINGLE MILLENNIALS WOULD ALSO USE AN IN-FLIGHT... read more »

3 things hoteliers need to know this week

It's never a dull week at Triptease! In London the phones have been ringing non-stop, our growing tech team have had their heads down delivering Price Check to more clients and our Chief Tease, Charlie, has flown across the pond to attend very important meetings with co-founder Alex. Safe to... read more »

Bad service please, we're British

Brits do a lot of things well. A good cup of tea, a loveable accent and the ability to make a lot of money from an illustrious and bloody history.  Unfortunately, when it comes to service in the travel industry, Britain falls short of the friendly, helpful experience many European... read more »

Why selfie sticks sell hotel rooms

It seems everyone wants to attract more millennials. Born between 1980 and 2000, they're tech savvy, they're starting up companies, they're increasing their spending power like you wouldn't believe. That's why more and more travel companies are launching campaigns targeted at capturing some of that hard earned cash. One example... read more »

Three things you probably missed at #TTE15

Another week, another travel trade show. With ITB looming next week, the Triptease team headed down to Olympia, London for a trip around #TTE15: Travel Technology Europe 2015. Billed as Europe’s specialist exhibition and conference for technology and e-marketing buyers, our Chief Tease Charlie Osmond took to the Innovate... read more »

The only way is budget?

Budget hotels, like Middle Class consumer’s shopping at Aldi and Lidl, were thought to be a response to the recession. Naturally more people will stay at budget and their slightly more upmarket cousins, “budget chic” hotels if money is tighter. But now we are, for the most part, out... read more »

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