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7 ways hotel customers have changed (and how to make sure they still book direct)

Covid-19 has triggered newly emerging customer behaviors that are changing the path to purchase. Learn the seven key trends that hoteliers need to know.

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7 ways hotel customers have changed (and how to make sure they still book direct)

Regular readers of this blog will know that we’ve been closely tracking the accelerating growth of mobile bookings over the past year. It’s exactly this kind of hotel booking data that guides new product innovation at Triptease. We know that investing in a better mobile experience is a top priority for many hotels in 2021. That’s why we recently launched an upgraded, mobile-first version of Triptease Convert, designed to improve the customer experience and maximize bookings across both desktop and mobile.

But that's not the only major change in hotel booking behavior that has come about as a result of the pandemic. Google's recent 'The Journey Reshaped' report documents the impact of Covid-19 and the newly emerging customer behaviors that are changing the shape of the path to purchase in all aspects of travel.

For hotels these insights couldn’t come at a better time. As vaccine programs continue to roll out and travel restrictions are relaxed in many parts of the world, ensuring that your onsite experience caters to the changing needs and wants of your customers is of the utmost importance.

Google’s report spans the entire travel industry - from air travel to accommodation - so we asked Triptease Senior Product Designer and user experience expert, Chimmy Kalu, to highlight the key customer behavior trends that hoteliers specifically need to know. Adapting your website to meet these needs now will set your hotel up for success on the road to recovery.

Want to learn more about mobile and desktop user experience, the complexities of digital purchase journeys (and how to simplify them!) plus the simple tips and tricks you can put in place to make sure your mobile and website experience is high-converting? Download our latest guide: How Covid-19 is changing hotel user experience design today.

Watch the videos below to uncover the seven key changes in customer behavior that hoteliers need to know now.

1. Customers are still looking for reassurance and protection

2. Booking accommodation is a treat and an escape

3. People want to visit their family and friends

4. Customers are likely to try a new brand, particularly if it’s a good deal

5. Availability and customer support issues are pain points

6. Search is the most used and useful touchpoint on the booking journey

7. Pent up demand is at an all time high

Now you have the insights, what actions should you take?

You now know how booking behavior is continuing to change, but how should your website adapt to accommodate these new customer wants and needs? Download the latest in-depth Triptease guide ‘How Covid-19 is changing hotel user experience design’ to uncover all the answers.

Download the guide to learn:

  • The challenges of building a successful hotel booking journey online
  • The basics of creating a great mobile and desktop experience for customers
  • The seven key pillars of UX design.
  • The seven newly emerging customer behaviors on the path to purchase
  • How your mobile and desktop UX will need to adapt to capture the bounce back in bookings
  • The expert tips and tricks that will make good UX truly great

Claim your free guide today.

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Holly is Head of Product Marketing at Triptease.

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