[WATCH] A/B testing for hotels

"Either people are incompetent or they are lying."

Statistics is complicated. A/B testing isn't for everybody. But there are too many hoteliers having their time wasted by unreliable testing.

As A/B test providers to some of the world’s largest hotel groups, Triptease are uniquely positioned to comment on the risks and rewards of A/B testing on hotel websites. Watch Triptease founder and Chief Tease Charlie Osmond dive into the importance of being rigorous with your data when it comes to testing and optimizing your website.

What we covered:

  • Is A/B testing dead? [10:05]

  • Common mistakes [14:53]

  • What makes the OTAs different? [27:56]

  • How to run a test - or options if you can't [31:22]

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Lily is Head of Content at Triptease. When she's not investigating the industry or spreading the word that #DirectIsBest, she enjoys music, cycling, and obscure radio quiz shows.

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