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Two ways your booking engine leaks revenue (and the automated emails that will fix it)

Recover lost bookings with 100% automated emails. Send cart abandonment to guests who didn't book or back-in-stock to people who saw no availability.

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No matter how well your current booking engine is designed, it’s highly likely that it’s still losing revenue in two different ways: 

  • Cart abandonment: The average cart abandonment rate for hotels is 80%. If your customer gets distracted, all that marketing budget spent on getting them to your booking engine goes down the drain.
  • No availability: The average no availability rate for hotels is 20%, according to Triptease global hotel data. This one really hurts - your customer was ready to book but you didn’t have a room available for their selected dates. That's a booking dead end and it's disappointing for both of you!


Current solutions are manual, expensive and lack access to data insights

For a typical hotelier, most available solutions require some sort of manual work. And in a world where resources are limited and staffing levels are low, hoteliers must welcome automation so they can improve their marketing effectiveness.

Set up manual email campaigns yourself

Work with an external marketing agency

Use your booking
engine’s email tools

Time consuming

No availability
to personalize

Skills shortage 
Limited access to
hotel and guest data

Difficulty personalizing

Time consuming

Manual work

No ability
to personalize


The solution? Send automated emails using Triptease Email Activation

Since launching the Triptease Data Marketing Platform earlier this year, the Triptease product team has spent countless hours with hoteliers, understanding exactly what they need to help increase the impact of their marketing strategies.

When it comes to email strategy, one thing is clear: the manual work needs to be automated.

So that’s what we’ve done. You can now send 100% automated Cart abandonment emails to guests who started the checkout process but didn’t complete it, or alert guests who saw no availability with 'Back-in-stock' emails if there’s been a cancellation.



Add high-intent guest segments to your CRM automatically

If you’re already using a CRM then you’ll be collecting guest data from guests who’ve booked and stayed at your hotel. What’s exciting about CRM connectivity is that we’re able to provide contact details and enriched behavioural data for customers who have not booked with you yet.

This means you have the raw data to create relevant and personalized email marketing campaigns to groups of guests across enhanced data points like party-size, check-in data and lead-time.

email capture visual 1200 x500px (1)


Here’s how hoteliers can avoid manual work

The Triptease Data Marketing Platform automatically collects email addresses for hoteliers via the booking engine, and hoteliers using On-site Messaging can also capture customer contact data anywhere on their website using Email Capture functionality. This data is enriched with booking data and behavioural insights, and segmented audience lists are then sent automatically to the hotel’s CRM.

So, if you have capacity to run your own email strategy in-house, you can take Triptease’s pre-segmented lists and create your own emails manually. If you don’t have time? Let Triptease send those Cart abandonment and Back-in-stock emails for you. Our data has shown that one in four customers that abandon their cart will leave their contact details - that’s a quarter of your lost customers potentially coming back to book - with no manual work required!


Screenshot 2023-06-21 at 07.55.22

The data sophistication of an OTA - for every hotel

The Triptease Data Marketing Platform aims to provide the data sophistication of an OTA for every hotel. This year we’ve already used critical, hard-to-access pricing data to launch Price Match functionality to solve metasearch parity issues (it can increase metasearch bookings by 33%!) as well as Price Preview for Paid Search (which provides a window into your booking engine, helping customers understand if your price is right for them before they even click on a search result).

We’re now providing new ways for hoteliers to use Triptease’s audience data to increase direct bookings and provide a more premium experience for their guests. If you’d like to know more about Cart abandonment and Back-in-stock emails, or if you’d like to speak to a Triptease market expert about your email and CRM strategy, get in touch via the form below.


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