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[WATCH] The Future of Google Travel

Watch the recording to hear Google's Sanjay Vakil and Olga Chatzidoukaki discuss the future of Google travel and what it means for hotels.

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From speculation on Google’s future roadmap to how to get a solid metasearch strategy in place, the hospitality industry remains highly invested in understanding what's coming next from Google. That’s why we invited Google's Sanjay Vakil, Senior Product Manager, and Olga Chatzidoukaki, Partnerships Manager, to join us at the Direct Booking Summit in Berlin to discuss what the future of travel looks like from their unique perspective.

Watch the recording now to learn about:

  • How free booking links work (and whether they’re going to remain free forever)
  • How to select the best connectivity and distribution partners for your hotel
  • The travel recovery trends Google is seeing and how to use those insights to inform your Search and Metasearch strategy
  • The secrets behind maximizing return from your Google metasearch listings, and how to turn Google Travel into your biggest third-party partner
  • Google's future roadmap and what it means for hotels today

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