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Video: Experts discuss Google's metasearch CPA announcement

Experts from Triptease discuss what Google's change to metasearch commission per stay models means for hotels.

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Google's announcement of the end of commission per stay for metasearch has rocked the world of digital marketing for hotels. 

Watch a discussion between Charlie Osmond (Tripease co-founder), Jon Hickford (Group Product Manager) and Nigel Haig (Performance Marketing Director) covering:

  • What Google's announcement on metasearch commission bidding (CPA) means for hotels.
  • Why Google have made this change to metasearch bidding.
  • What the next steps are for hotels using metasearch commission bidding.
  • Why some hotels may need to consider changing metasearch vendor.


It's a big change, and it can feel overwhelming. To help clarify the options we've put together this infographic:

Google kills metasearch commission models (CPA) - What next for hotels_ (1)

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