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[Video] What is Google's Performance Max for Travel Goals?

Learn more about Performance Max for Travel Goals, an alternative to Google's soon-to-end commission-based metasearch bidding models for hotels.

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Now that Google is ending commission-based metasearch models (CPA), you’ll need to consider alternative strategies to boost your hotel's online visibility and booking performance. Performance Max is one of five options available to hotels currently using CPA models. Find out more about all the options here. 

Google’s Performance Max for Travel Goals offers a unified approach to hotel advertising, allowing you to set a single campaign goal across Google's entire suite. This maximizes visibility by distributing hotel ads wherever potential guests are engaged - be that search, display, YouTube, or beyond.

This blog explains how hotels can use Performance Max to optimize return on ad spend (ROAS). If you prefer, you can watch Triptease’s Performance Marketing Director, Nigel Haig, discussing the topic in the short video below:


Why use Performance Max for hotel marketing?

1. Simplified campaign management

By consolidating ad campaigns in one place, Performance Max offers a streamlined process for setting and achieving return on ad spend (ROAS) targets.

2. Reach across Google's platforms

Performance Max uses Google's algorithm to place ads across its entire network, ensuring that your hotel reaches potential guests at various stages of their booking journey.

3. Dynamic optimization for targeted ROAS

Google's algorithms continuously adjust bids and placements to meet your ROAS objectives. Whether the aim is to enhance brand visibility or boost direct bookings, this tool automatically optimises ad placement to meet a single ROAS objective, like a 10X return, across all marketing efforts.


Is Performance Max better than individual campaigns for hotel marketing?

Blog image - A graphic comparing Performance Max vs individual campaigns

Performance Max is a streamlined and efficient advertising solution. It automates ad placements across Google’s platforms, making it a great choice for smaller hotel chains with limited resources.

However, the automated nature of Performance Max means you have fewer insights and control over specific ad placements and performance metrics.

Individual channel campaigns give you greater control over your advertising strategy, including detailed targeting, ad placements, and the ability to tailor bidding strategies to each channel's unique characteristics. However, they demand more time and resources, making it a more labour-intensive option. It all comes down to how much time you have and how much you want to spend.


Triptease Metasearch outperforms Google and offers a commission model

Triptease’s industry-leading Metasearch product will continue to offer a CPA model. 
With Triptease Metasearch you get:

  • Powerful AI bidding models built on years of experience and data
  • Game-changing functionality like Price Match, which enables hoteliers to win on metasearch every time by applying small, controlled discounts automatically when they’re being undercut by OTAs.
  • The ability to use unique hotel data that Google doesn't access. This allows us to tailor our algorithms based on extensive global hotel data and enables Triptease Metasearch to consistently outperform Google's algorithms.

Interested in learning more about Triptease Metasearch? Get in touch with the team today via the form below.

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