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One hotel generates $253k in six months using Price Match 

Cost-effective, cutting-edge technology and a supportive team helped Carlton Hotel Singapore hit their goals



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Uplift in direct bookings compared to pre-covid levels


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Client: Carlton Singapore

Hotel Type: Luxury 

Location: Singapore

Key Features:

Before working with Triptease, Carlton Hotel Singapore faced challenges in diversifying its distribution channels and increasing direct bookings.

Dextor NG, Assistant Director of Revenue & Reservations, explained how switching to Triptease helped overcome their challenges and massively improved their direct booking strategy.

Challenge: Reducing reliance on third parties and increasing metasearch presence 

When asked about Carlton Singapore Hotel's challenges before using Triptease, Dexter said: "Our challenge was an over-reliance on third-party partners to drive bookings for our extensive inventory of 940 rooms. While we appreciate their efforts and contributions, we recognized the need to diversify our distribution channels. Our objective was to boost direct bookings to reduce distribution costs and take control of guest data. Moreover, our limited presence on metasearch platforms was a barrier to reaching potential guests at a crucial decision-making point."

Choosing Triptease for its cost-effectiveness, advanced technology and exceptional support

There are many direct booking tools for hoteliers to choose from, but for Dexter and the team at Carlton Singapore, Triptease stood out for several reasons. Dexter highlighted "We partnered with Triptease for their wide range of tools designed to increase direct bookings and improve our visibility online. After evaluating several options, Triptease stood out for its cost-effectiveness, cutting-edge technology, and supportive team. Using Triptease's knowledge, we saw significant improvement in addressing the challenges of low direct bookings and limited visibility on metasearch platforms."

Solution: Driving direct bookings with Price Match, Retargeting and On-site Messages

After seeing success with Triptease Metasearch, Carlton Singapore decided to address additional points across the guest journey. Dexter said "The impact of Triptease on our hotel has been invaluable. We started with the Metasearch tool and then expanded to additional tools such as Retargeting, Price Match, and On-site Messages. Triptease's Price Match tool has helped us combat rate parity issues, allowing us to maintain control over our pricing strategies. Retargeting and On-site Messages have enhanced the overall guest journey, encouraging more guests to book directly with us."


Price Match easily aligns with pricing strategy and addresses rate parity issues automatically

Price Match has allowed the Carlton Hotel Singapore to compete successfully against undercutting Metasearch OTAs with precision discounting and automation. Dexter highlighted that the "Price Match tool allows us to set customized percentage discount ranges, aligning with our pricing strategy, without resorting to a one-size-fits-all approach. This flexibility protects our revenue strategy while addressing rate parity issues on metasearch platforms."


Dexter (1)

"With the implementation of Triptease Price Match, we noticed a significant uplift of approximately 50% more direct bookings from metasearch channels."

Dexter NG - Assistant Director of Revenue & Reservations 




Triptease helps Carlton achieve a 7% uplift in direct booking compared to pre-covid levels

The Carlton Hotel Singapore team are driving great success so far from working with Triptease. Dexter shared that "We've seen a notable increase in direct bookings. Overall, we've experienced up to 7% uplift in direct bookings compared to pre-COVID levels, positively impacting our revenue and allowing us to gain ownership of valuable guest data."

This is a partnership that has had a big impact for the hotel's direct booking strategy, and we're just getting started. Dexter told us "Working with Triptease has been transformative for our hotel. Their suite of tools has empowered us to drive more direct bookings, increase revenue, and gain valuable insights into guest behaviour. We look forward to continuing our collaboration to enhance our hotel's performance further."

Transform your direct booking strategy with Triptease today.

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