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Frasers Hospitality boosted metasearch conversion rates by over 200%

Switching to Triptease Metasearch led Frasers Hospitality to see a significant boost in bookings, revenue, and guest satisfaction.

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Conversion rate growth


Increase in direct bookings


Surge in revenue


Client: Frasers Hospitality

Hotel Type: Luxury serviced apartments

Location: Singapore

Key Features:

The challenge: Solving rate disparity to regain customer trust

Before partnering with Triptease, Frasers Hospitality faced an ongoing challenge: rate disparity. This issue not only led to revenue losses on hotel bookings through OTAs but also hindered the overall effectiveness of their digital marketing campaigns.

The rate disparity problem meant a decline in guest trust and confidence, as they questioned whether they were truly getting the best value by booking directly through the hotel's website. This was a critical obstacle that demanded a solution to protect the brand's integrity and bolster direct bookings. Seeking a solution that would improve user trust whilst also driving conversion, the need for a more advanced and effective provider became evident.


Switching to Triptease increased impressions, bookings and revenue

The transition to Triptease marked a turning point for Frasers Hospitality, unlocking new growth opportunities:

  1. Impressions and clicks, vital metrics in metasearch campaigns, demonstrated a remarkable turnaround.

  2. Impressions on Triptease were 60% higher than those of the previous provider subsequently followed by a staggering rise in conversion rate of 227%.

  3. This translated directly to the bottom line, with a 105% increase in bookings and a 110% surge in revenue.

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Exceptional customer service as a differentiator

When asked about the change in quality of service from switching to Triptease, Jowen dela Cruz, Assistant VP, Digital Marketing & Distribution, from Frasers Hospitality said that:

“Undoubtedly, one of the standout aspects that sets Triptease apart is their exceptional customer service. From the very beginning of our partnership, Triptease has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to providing excellent support. Their responsiveness, willingness to understand our unique challenges, and dedication to tailoring solutions to our specific needs have truly been remarkable. Whether it's addressing technical queries or offering strategic advice, Triptease's customer service team has consistently gone above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction and success. This level of personalized attention and collaboration has not only bolstered our confidence in the partnership but has also played a pivotal role in achieving the outstanding results we've experienced.”

Frasers Hospitality’s plans to broaden partnership with Triptease

“Given the substantial impact Triptease's solutions have had on our bookings and revenue, we are actively considering plans to expand our partnership. Furthermore, we have already explored additional services that Triptease offers, as we believe their innovative approach aligns seamlessly with our growth strategy and our commitment to enhancing guest experiences.”

Using Metasearch for sustainable growth in hospitality

“Metasearch has proven to be a cornerstone of our growth strategy, and its importance will only amplify in our future endeavors. As the hospitality landscape continues to evolve, we recognize metasearch as a potent channel for enhancing brand visibility, driving direct bookings, and capturing the attention of discerning travelers. Leveraging metasearch's ability to present our offerings transparently and competitively aligns perfectly with our customer-centric approach, and we are committed to further integrating this powerful tool to fuel our ongoing growth trajectory.”



Frasers Hospitality's journey from their previous provider to Triptease shows how changing your metasearch strategy can make a big difference.

Through the integration of technology, data-driven decision-making, and exceptional customer service, the transition resulted in a remarkable increase in bookings, revenue, and guest trust. As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, embracing innovative solutions like Triptease becomes not only a competitive advantage but also a key lever for business growth.

Triptease offers dynamic, personalised bidding strategies that update in real-time, giving hotels a highly competitive edge. With Triptease hotels benefit from:

  1. Algorithms that adapt to guest behaviour and rate parity insights, making continuous micro-bid adjustments that would be impossible to do manually

  2. Built-in A/B testing and data analytics - no 'set and forget' bidding

  3. Access to revolutionary Price Match functionality. Auto-match your selected OTAs instantly and have the best price everywhere, always.

Ready to boost your direct bookings and revenue like McDreams? Learn more about how Triptease's Price Match can help your hotel overcome price disparity and increase conversion rates.



Book a demo today to find out more on how to solve your rate parity whether it’s to drive trust or direct bookings.

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