How Parker Hotels used Messages to drive $17K average campaign revenue

Discover how Parker Hotels improved rate parity with OTAs, and used Triptease Messages to deliver bespoke experiences to visitors across the website and booking engine.



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Parker Hotels

Client: Parker Hotels

Hotel Type: independent

Location: New York

Key Features:


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Parker New York has always had a strong sense of individuality. With its sister property Parker Palm Springs, the hotel eschews generic brand standards in favor of an independent spirit and a tangible relationship with its surroundings. “We pride ourselves on being really indicative of the geographical location we’re in,” General Manager Sylvie Fayolle tells us. “If you’re staying with us, you’re staying in New York City, not in a generic branded hotel where everything looks the same.”

The hotels are newly affiliated with Leading Hotels of the World after parting with Le Méridien in January 2018. Looking for a direct booking solution as unique as they were, the team at Parker Hotels were excited to hear of Triptease’s partnership with LHW. “As soon as the Triptease Platform was made available to us, we decided to jump on board. We loved the passion of the company, and their aims aligned with ours,” Sylvie continues.

Parker Hotels has been driving direct bookings with the Direct Booking Platform since March 2018.

Direct bookings are a big priority for us. They’re the most cost-effective way of getting business. Our website is also the best place to showcase what the hotel is all about and give guests a feel for the experience they will have there. We want as many people landing on it and booking through it as possible."


Sylvie Fayolle

General Manager, Parker New York


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Maintaining rate parity

Parker Hotels is making use of Triptease’s Disparity Dungeon to track their rate parity against OTAs. Every time a visitor runs a search, Triptease searches around the web for the equivalent room rate on third-party websites. When a third party is undercutting Parker’s direct price, information on the disparity is sent to the Disparity Dungeon so the hotel can investigate and fix it. When Parker’s website has the best rate, Price Check is displayed to visitors in order to reassure them that direct is best.

Triptease’s Disparity Dungeon is unique in the industry. It’s much more than a rate shop; it’s a real-time alert system that helps us identify issues and fix them.

We’re all subject to OTAs undercutting us, but Triptease does a good job of showing us where the disparities are so we can sort them out.

The data shared with us allowed us to dive into our OTA relationships and improve our parity issues. This was very useful as there is really no other way to get that much data in a concise way."


Sylvie Fayolle
General Manager, Parker New York

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Targeted Messages

The team at Parker Hotels are already seeing strong results from both Price Check and Triptease’s Targeted Messages feature. Targeted Messages allows hoteliers to create and deliver bespoke messages to visitors across the website and booking engine.

“The Targeted Messages tool is very easy to use. If we have a special event coming up, or something else we want to advertise, our team can just go straight to the Campaign Builder and create an offer at the same time as they’re posting to Facebook and Twitter,” Sylvie tells us.

“What we like most about it is the flexibility. You can market to people based on when they’re shopping, whether they’re early-bird or last-minute, where they’re shopping from... you can do so much! It’s early days, but our goal is to really make the most of the different demographic targeting options.”

Parker New York uses Targeted Messages to deliver a wide range of special offers and incentives to visitors. In tandem with Price Check, their messaging demonstrates to guests that the best price and experience will be found on the direct website.

Targeted Messages in action for Parker Hotels

100k Users have seen a Targeted Messages campaign

Average revenue per campaign

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Our experience of Triptease has been very positive. The Triptease team have an in-depth knowledge of revenue management and hotel marketing. Not only have we bought a new product, we’ve also had many interesting conversations and discovered new ways of marketing ourselves.

To me, that’s always the gauge of whether it’s a good company or not: if the sales and support staff are experts in their subject matter. ”We have a mutually beneficial relationship with Triptease."


Sylvie Fayolle
General Manager, Parker New York


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