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A product that pays for itself: 13X ROI with Triptease automated emails

Hotels are now seeing a 13X return on investment (ROI) and 4% website revenue contribution from an automated ‘Set-and-forget’ tool - in just one month.

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Most hoteliers don’t have the right type of customer data or enough resources to run their own email campaigns. This means they’re neglecting a huge opportunity to win new guests.

That’s why Triptease removed a time-consuming and painful process for hoteliers by launching automated Cart abandonment and ‘Back-in-stock’ emails. But saving time is only half the story. Hotels are now seeing a 13X return on investment (ROI) and 4% website revenue contribution from an automated ‘Set-and-forget’ tool - in just one month.

Hear from Triptease clients who have increased direct bookings with ‘Set-and-forget’ emails

Some customers using this product are seeing up to a 71X ROI, with no effort required to recover lost bookings. We chatted with a number of Triptease clients about their performance using Triptease emails. Here’s what they have to say about how much value this product brings to their business.

91.3% email collection rate and 15x ROI - this is like Santa’s little helper!” (Camille Lorigo, Head of Marketing, Point A Hotels)

To have this capability on an automatic basis was very enticing for me” (Karen Wilken, Marketing and Public Relations Manager, Founthainhead)


“Automation and bookings are a wonderful thing” (Don MacCorquodale, Director of Revenue Management, One King West)


Easy setup with no additional work required

Triptease integrates with all leading booking engines and continues to add more each month. This means you can start recovering missed direct bookings instantly. And for those short on time or not confident in copywriting skills, Triptease automated emails come with pre-built designs, including default copy.

Hotels that prefer more personalized designs, such as offering incentives to book directly, will soon be able to edit the copy - so watch this space. Additionally, hotels can take complete control over their email marketing campaigns by sending enriched customer data straight to their CRM.

See how Point A Hotels achieved 15x ROI using ‘Set-and-forget’ emails

Watch the on-demand webinar to hear from Triptease experts Chimmy Kalu, Abdul Alayande, and co-founder, Charlie Osmond, as they share tips and tricks that hotels can borrow from the biggest e-commerce brands. Plus, Camille Lorgio, Head of Marketing from Point A Hotels, will discuss how their hotel achieved a 15x ROI using ‘Set-and-forget’ emails.

If you'd like to see a 13X ROI and 4% website revenue contribution from a tool that requires zero manual work from you and your team, fill out the form below.

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