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New from Triptease: Direct Booking Coaches!

Our Coaches are here to facilitate introductions across the industry, to suggest ideas and to work together to drive direct.

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New from Triptease: Direct Booking Coaches!

By Alexandra Zubko, co-founder and Chief Customer Officer at Triptease.

At Triptease we provide one-to-one support to our clients from the moment they sign up to the Direct Booking Platform.

Our global Customer Success team is made up of smart, talented and truly dedicated individuals across three continents, each with their own areas of expertise. While hoteliers must always be performing the balancing act of maintaining a website, filling rooms, acquiring new customers, and lots more besides, our Customer Success team remain laser-focused on finding new ways to optimize the online guest experience for potential guests. Our partner hotels can draw on this resource in order to supplement their own experience and truly superpower the Direct Booking Platform's performance on their website.

We want as many hoteliers as possible to be able to make use of our team. That's why we're announcing today the evolution of our Customer Success Managers into Direct Booking Coaches.

Direct Booking Coaches can provide:

  • Tailored website optimization advice
  • Digital marketing support
  • Competitive benchmarking customized for you
  • ... and much more.

Why the change?

Digital marketing is complex. Our clients are often looking for a more thorough service than simply setting up their website with a set of optimization and analytics tools. They're looking for a trusted advisor, or a partner with the reach and analytic capability we’ve spent years cultivating here at Triptease.

Working closely with our market experts, our Direct Booking Coaches become experts in their particular regions. This local knowledge combined with the data at our fingertips means that you can benefit from learnings from similar hotels as well as benchmark your performance against your competitive set.

Our coaches have already been providing this type of service to hundreds of hoteliers across the globe, so this is less a change in how we work and more a formalization of one of the many hidden benefits of using Triptease. If you aren’t already benefitting from this aspect of your partnerships with us then this is an invitation to get in touch!

We invest in each one of our Coaches so they can advise our hotel partners on their strategies to increase direct bookings.

How this benefits our partners

In the fragmented hotel industry, it can be challenging for hoteliers to find a network of people to speak to, bounce ideas off of and solicit feedback from. Coaches are there to facilitate introductions across the industry, to suggest ideas and to work together to drive direct. Every hotelier who works with Triptease has a dedicated Direct Booking Coach. Make sure you reach out to your Coach and work with them to build and deliver your strategy!

You'll be hearing plenty more from our Coaches in the days and weeks to come. Stay tuned for individual Coach profiles, specialized content, and more.

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The Triptease Platform is built to help hotels take back control of their distribution and increase their direct revenue.

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