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A hotelier’s view of Performance Max & Google's removal of commission bidding

Angela Lau of The Ascott discusses Performance Max for Travel Goals, an alternative to Google's commission-based metasearch bidding model for hotels

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Following on from our recent webinar on Google’s announcement that they’ll be removing commission-based billing models on metasearch we invited Performance Marketing and Metasearch expert, Angela Lau of The Ascott Limited, to provide a hotelier’s view on how this change is going to impact the hotel industry.

Angela joined Triptease Co-Founder, Charlie Osmond, to share her thoughts on:

  • The five options available for hotels on cost per acquisition (CPA) bidding models
  • Google’s Target Return on Ad Spend (tROAS) a Smart Bidding strategy where Google will optimize for conversion or conversion value in every auction that you enter
  • Google’s Performance Max for Travel Goals and how it’s been working for Ascott Hotels who have been early adopters of this campaign type

Watch the video below to learn more about the pros and cons of the options now available to hotels, and to see some early data on how tROAS and Performance Max have been performing.


Find out more about commission bidding and the options now available to hotels on CPA models

Our aim at Triptease is to help hotels make confident decisions when it comes to their digital marketing and direct booking strategy. If you’re feeling a little confused about exactly what commission bidding is, and what next steps you should take we have a range of content to help make things a bit clearer.


Triptease Metasearch outperforms Google and offers a commission model

Triptease’s industry-leading Metasearch product will continue to offer a CPA model.

With Triptease Metasearch you get:

  • Powerful AI bidding models built on years of experience and data
  • Game-changing functionality like Price Match, which enables hoteliers to win on metasearch every time by applying small, controlled discounts automatically when they’re being undercut by OTAs.
  • The ability to use unique hotel data that Google doesn't access. This allows us to tailor our algorithms based on extensive global hotel data and enables Triptease Metasearch to consistently outperform Google's algorithms.

Want to learn more about Triptease Metasearch?

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