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[WATCH THE WEBINAR] Metasearch: What hotels get wrong

A narrow focus on chasing ROI has handed OTAs five years of meta success whilst hotels have only seen modest impact. So what's going wrong?

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[WATCH THE WEBINAR] Metasearch: What hotels get wrong

There's something wrong with the way hotels are approaching metasearch.

Whilst the industry may be shifting spend onto metasearch at a faster rate than ever, many hoteliers remain in the dark about how to truly assess the value of the platform, and have been unable to match the runaway success of OTAs. What can hotels do better to make the most of this incredibly lucrative distribution channel?

In our recent webinar, Charlie Osmond, Chief Tease at Triptease, was joined by Dr Jan Sammeck, Director of eCommerce at Deutsche Hospitality, to discuss the twelve most damaging mistakes hotels are making in metasearch. From the dangers of having a narrow focus on ROI over volume to using data and technology to automate the bidding process, our experts construct the blueprint for metasearch success. Watch the webinar recording to learn:

  • The impact of seasonal changes on ROAS and cost per click on metasearch
  • How hotels of all sizes can reclaim lost bookings through integrating guest data
  • Why default dates can have a huge impact on your parity monitoring strategy
  • How acquisition and conversion can work together to supercharge your direct channel

About The Author

Lily is Lead Product Marketing Manager at Triptease. When she's not investigating the industry or spreading the word that #DirectIsBest, she enjoys music, cycling, and obscure radio quiz shows.

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