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Automated emails achieve 297x ROI within two months of go-live

Amarante overcomes customer data challenges by letting Triptease send high return on investment (ROI) Cart abandonment emails. 

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Client: Amarante

Hotel Type: Resorts, all-inclusive 

Location: Brazil

Key Features:


You're aware of your hotel's cart abandonment issues, but, similar to Amarante Resorts, addressing this involves numerous technical steps and the ultimate luxury—time.

We recently spoke with Italo Barreira, Marketing Coordinator, to discover how straightforward it can be to reconnect with potential guests using Triptease Cart abandonment emails.


The challenge: limited data capture and time constraints prevented Amarante from running an in-house cart abandonment campaign

Italo explained that “Our current booking engine provider limits our ability to capture information about guests who abandon the checkout page. Without the ability to track guest data and details about their search behavior, we’re missing two vital components needed to run a successful cart abandonment campaign: good customer data and time.”

He also mentioned the desire to send this data to their CRM and run their own campaigns. However, bringing departments together, crafting the email sequences, and integrating data from different systems created multiple layers of complexity. Triptease allows hoteliers to easily adopt ‘set-and-forget’ strategies to recover revenue that might have been missed otherwise.


The solution: Triptease Cart abandonment emails


Nodding your head in recognition of the challenge Italo has faced? Then you’ll love this solution to the problem. Triptease can track hard-to-get data about two types of customers who have abandoned your booking funnel.

  1. Guests who started the checkout process but didn’t complete it.
  2. Guests who saw no availability for their search.

You can choose Triptease to send 100% automated Cart abandonment emails to guests who abandoned the checkout page and ‘Back-in-stock’ emails in the event of a cancellation. Both campaigns feature pre-built email templates that do not require HTML input and include customizable text. This allows you to highlight your direct booking advantages and ensure your brand’s tone remains consistent.


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"I would recommend Triptease because of how easy it is! After setting the campaign live I go into the platform a couple of times a week to monitor performance. Beyond that, I don't have to do anything."

Italo Barreira - Marketing Coordinator at Amarante Resorts 



Super quick to set up, and monitoring performance is simple

Italo emphasized that "It's very simple to start revenue recovery campaigns with Triptease. After deciding on what text to include in the email templates, Triptease handles everything else."


Hotel characteristics that influenced the 297x ROI 

On average hotels working with Triptease to run their Cart abandonment campaigns achieve 13x ROI within one month from their go-live date. Essentially, it’s a product that pays for itself in no time. 

But what accounts for Amarante's 297 ROI? After analyzing some data, the Triptease team identified key factors:

  1. Resort hotels: Resort hotels typically have a higher average daily rate (ADR). Our data highlights that bookings included longer stays and larger groups.
  2. Considered purchases: Resort stays cater towards bookings of two or more people e.g. a young family. This means decisions often need to be discussed with fellow travellers, which can make spontaneous bookings less common. Therefore, running a cart abandonment campaign acts as an effective reminder, encouraging them to return to the website and finalize their reservation.
  3. Great website experience: Amarante's website boasts an intuitive design and stunning visuals of its location, property, and rooms, boosting confidence in travellers and positioning themselves competitively against other hotels and OTAs.
  4. Triptease automatic translations: The majority of bookings occurred on the Portuguese version of their website, which means our translation services played a huge role in securing these bookings. 


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