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The Discovery Leisure Company's digital transformation

Discover how renowned independent hospitality group transformed their digital strategy with Triptease’s Direct Booking platform, resulting in 14% revenue uplift.



Growth in booking engine performance


Revenue uplift



Client: The Discovery Leisure Company

Hotel Type: Independent group of hotels and resorts

Location: Philippines 

Key Features:

 The Discovery Leisure Company, Inc. (TDLCI) is an independent hospitality group that owns and manages a collection of hotels and resorts in incredible locations across the Philippines. Their growing portfolio of award-winning properties is renowned worldwide for its signature Filipino hospitality. Four out of five of Discovery’s hotels are driving direct bookings on their websites with Triptease.

Book Direct’ is at the heart of Discovery’s digital strategy. Their digital transformation has enabled the company to grow its direct revenue stream above and beyond annual targets, as well improve room profitability, drive guest loyalty and retention, and invest in acquisition and engagement technologies that support the group’s vision of ‘Pioneering Filipino Hospitality’.

As one of the most digitally-advanced hotel brands in the Philippines, the team at Discovery was looking for a direct booking platform that could keep up with their aims of increasing website dwell time, engagement and conversion. Luckily, Triptease was the perfect fit.

We evaluated the Triptease Platform to see if it could help maximize our traffic generation campaigns by improving on-page engagement and increasing conversion.

We believe that 21st-century customers require a 21st-century experience. With our acquisition strategies driving an exponential growth in traffic, we needed a platform that would help increase website dwell time, engagement and conversion - and Triptease is a perfect fit!"


Blessy Townes
Group Director Digital Marketing

The Direct Booking Platform

Discovery’s hotel websites are integrated with Triptease’s full Direct Booking Platform, featuring Parity Management, Targeted Messages, Chat and Insights into the website traffic and conversions. The company had previously explored another live chat and found it to be a promising booking channel; however, its features were limited and the team at Discovery decided to look for something more advanced.

“We signed up for Triptease for their live chat, but also to explore powerful modules such as Targeted Messages and Parity Management features, including Triptease's live rate comparison tool - the Disparity Dungeon." Blessy Townes, Group Director Digital Marketing.

Triptease's impact on Discovery websites:
  • 16% decrease in bounce rate
  • 65% increase in page views
  • Increase in session duration
  • Increase in pages per visit
  • 17% growth in Q1 IBE production (vs. 8% OTA)

The integration with Triptease was a breeze. It was a seamless process and our accounts were up and running in no time. Triptease’s support team was available pre- and post-integration, with weekly update calls to assist us and address our concerns.

Targeted Messages and Parity Management are my personal favorite features of the Triptease Platform. They complement our touchpoints in the customer journey and allow us to engage web visitors at crucial parts of the booking process."


Blessy Townes
Group Director Digital Marketing


Real-time price comparison within live chat:

The most accurate hotel price comparison on the market. Real-time price comparison within live chat. Oriented to conversion. Make sure guests know that the best price is available direct.


Rate accuracy
Revenue uplift

Discover Leisure Company - Real-time price comparison within live chat


Message Porter: Right message, right time

With multiple targeting conditions, you can segment your audience by location, check-in date, length of stay and more. The Discover Leisure Company saw a 14% revenue uplift from November 2017 to May 2018 on Discovery websites. 

Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 11.46.36

Front Desk: Engage and convert visitors to your hotel website

Hotels can use Front Desk to:

  • Chat with potential guests on the website and booking engine
  • Display live rate comparisons
  • Request and process credit card payments
  • Send pictures and provide room details
  • Assign conversations to relevant staff


Messages per day

On Discovery websites


Emails captured

From November ’17 to May ’18



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