Front Desk

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Front Desk

Chat directly with guests online

A chat tool built specifically for hoteliers, Front Desk turns conversations into conversions.

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A personalized service that no OTA can match

Bring the premium experience you provide in person onto your website too.

Let your service speak volumes before your guests have even booked a room.

Designed for busy hoteliers

Front Desk is designed to fit seamlessly into a busy hotelier's working day.

Never miss a question again. If you're not online to respond, we’ll send a notification so you can log back in from your email or phone. We'll also message your guest so they know you'll get back to them soon.

Use data to connect with guests

The service you provide a family on holiday is different to how you'd treat a business traveller.

Our data and behavioural insight tagging means you can adapt your responses to suit any customer, based on their online activity.

Secure and effortless card collection

Handle card details easily within a Front Desk conversation. Card details are available to you for 72 hours - then they are wiped from the PCI-compliant storage system.

Use AI to improve conversations

Suggested responses help your staff to lead conversations and answer questions easily. No staff? Auto-Agent is an automated chat bot providing the quick replies and quality of service your guests expect - 24 hours a day.

Night Manager works when your office is closed

Don’t lose sales while you sleep. Night Manager fields questions while you’re away, collecting contact details for you to pick up later.

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