Beat OTAs on metasearch: A hoteliers guide

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Since 2020, the average number of bidders in the metasearch auction has increased 3x in the North American and European markets, driving the cost per click (CPC) up by a record 150% compared to pre-covid. In this fragmented meta landscape, hoteliers will need to work harder than ever to see results.

Find out how to drive more direct bookings from metasearch with our new Ultimate Guide to Hotel Metasearch. From optimizing your booking engine to improving your rate parity and targeting the entire guest journey, the guide provides top tips and advice on how to outperform OTAs and drive more direct revenue.

Triptease are direct booking experts, trusted by over 10,000 hotels across the globe.

Capture demand with algorithmic meta bidding

With over 73% of guests use metasearch before booking, Triptease Meta helps to increase your direct booking volumes by engaging your most valuable guests at this crucial stage of the booking journey.

Triptease Meta bids dynamically based on you parity status, the value of the guest, and how likely they are to convert. Automatically remove your hotel from the auction when you’re not in parity and boost your bid when you are.

Triptease delivers double the market average meta volumes at a 30% higher return.

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